Everybody Loves Fan Mail

At Reactor, we love to hear from our customers and look forward to sharing your kind words. If you'd like to tell us about an experience you've had with your watch or our customer service, please contact us and your message may just wind up here on our website.

Comments on Our Products

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"I'm writing to say how pleased I am with the two Reactor watches I have. I have the Poseidon Titanium, 54008 and the Poseidon Stainless LE 55903. Both watches operate marvelously. I got the titanium version first and have worn it continuously now for going on three years. I hunt, shoot, saltwater fish, do a thousand and one things around the house including repair and maintenance on my equipment and I never take it off. There are very few marks on the sides and none on the crystal. I don't baby it. Thank you for a very fine watch!"

Charles B.

"Hello,I recently purchased a Reactor Titan watch (orange face), and I would like to let you know what a fantastic time piece this is! I was looking for a watch that is tough, big face, easy to see/contrasty, and easy to view in low light conditions. This Reactor watch has all of those and I get a lot of compliments on it. I'm an EMT in Arizona and in our field we are known to be pretty tough on equipment from stethoscopes to watches, and many more when it comes to patient care. The luminosity/low light and the contrasty appearance makes it a favorite watch to use, no matter what the light or environment I'm in. Even my partners ask me "hey let me see your watch for a minute to take a pulse" or something.Again, great watch. This one will be with me for a long time."

Paul M.

"Thanks for building such a fine timepiece! I have a dozen or so watches, including Rolex Yachtman and Submariner. Three years ago I purchased a Reactor Gamma (red face/black rubber strap) and in my opinion the finest watch of whole collection, as well as my everyday favorite. Currently shopping for my second Reactor (nothing wrong with the Gamma, and I put it through the outdoor rigors of my life everyday), just looking for another one to add to collection. I'm not a complainer, and if don't like something I generally just don't go back. Furthermore, and even though I should, rarely take the time to send a complimentary note. You all do a fine job and I sincerely appreciate the quality of your product! Keep up the great work!"

Joey G.

"I recently purchased a new Poseidon (yellow dial/SS bracelet). I have worn it for about 3 weeks now and I gotta say that it is rarely off my wrist. I am totally impressed with its construction, its looks and its presence. I get many compliments on my Poseidon, almost daily in fact. The dial is stylish, easy to read and the yellow POPS!! I also love the Superluminova that is generously applied to the markers and numbers. I collect only dive watches and only purchase Swiss ETA or Miyota movements. However, your 10 year lithium battery was certainly a value-added feature that definitely influenced my decision to purchase. Additionally, your battery and service option that is available was impressive and I will most definitely take advantage ofthat when the time comes. All in all, I am very happy with my decision to own the Poseidon. It has more than met my expectations for quality, style and features. Keep up the good work, you have customer for life now."

Mark L.

"I wanted to send you a quick note and let you know how great your watches are. My wife bought me one last Christmas and I can count the few times it left my wrist. I am a sponsored kayak fisherman with Malibu Kayaks. I have fished many tournaments with that watch and always enjoyed bragging on it. Unfortunately last Saturday I took it off to apply sunblock on my hands and I put my watch on the bow of my kayak. The only fault in your watches it that they don't float. Ha! It fell in the water and I couldn't retrieve it. I plan to replace it with another Reactor, as there are no substitutes! Thank you for building such a tremendous watch. I hope to replace it in the next couple of months."

Dave W.

"I just bought a Reactor Meltdown model watch to replace a worn Seiko dive watch. I own Omega and A. Lange and Sohne mechanical watches (dress and family heirloom pieces) which I do not use for work. Your watch is the most comfortable of all of these, the best on -off and the most readable. Best everyday watch I've owned in 40 years for this price. congratulations on a great product and keep up this type of good work.Again, thanks"

John R.

"Thank you very much for your time! I will be sure to check out those models. I picked up a Seiko Dive watch years back, and I can't keep it on my wrist to save my life! I wish I had stumbled upon Reactorr Watches sooner. I was introduced to your products by a Crab Fisherman buddy in Kodiak. He said he has had his Reactor on his wrist for three years without an issue. That says much in itself about your products!"

Curt N.

"I bought a Trident ND watch 3 years ago in San Diego, I wanted a watch that could take a beating in all situations. I have a dress Rolex but was always concerned that it would be damaged, as the last full overhaul was $950.00. The Trident is absolutely astounding, I am so happy with it I'm going to buy my wife a Reactor."

John B.

"I am writing to simply express my appreciation for your wonderful product. Last week I purchased my sixth Reactor watch (5 for me and 1 for my wife). I must say the quality, design, value and story have all been part of what keep me coming back! In addition, the people I have dealt with at Watch Station in Las Vegas have never stopped talking about how great the company is and how down to earth the leaders at Reactor are. This, in all honesty, is what likely impresses me the most!

Thanks for the high quality product, and now that I have seen on the web the Poseidon Limited v2 with the yellow outline I may have just identified my own sixth Reactor!"

Clint L.

"Dear Radioactives, Now that I have had a few weeks to wear my new Reactor Trident #59506 watch I wanted to report my reaction to it. (I find it usually takes me a while to really evaluate a watch in depth and with accuracy)
It is so legible in low light and the build quality is just outstanding!! Great design is obviously your forte. Please accept the praise and thanks from what I am sure will be a lifetime customer. Do not go out of business and leave it to lesser lights to shine."

Rich A.

"I have a reputation for destroying watches through heavy weight training, yard work and hunting. I normally go through one watch a year, with the Reactor Photon watch I purchased over 3 years ago I never have to worry. It is a true road warrior and is built to last a lifetime. The next watch I will buy will be a Reactor, not because I need it, but because I love these watches."

Tim W.

"Just bought my first reactor watch today...the stainless 2-tone Graviton 2. This watch is bad ass! I have a Breitling Navitimer, Rolex Presedential, and this is definitely my new favorite and an everyday wear. The quality combination of craftsmanship and technology makes this piece a true man's watch. Can't wait to use the tidal and moon charts to slay some fish!"

Rex R.

"I just received my Neutron with the rubber strap, Black Coral dial. This is a magnificent timepiece. I am a collector, and I must tell you, this watch is as fine as any in my collection. Panerai,Tag Heuer, Breitling, Rolex, Omega, etc. None are as fine as this watch. I just want to say, CONGRATULATIONS on your Neutron watch. TELL THE WORLD ABOUT THIS WATCH!!!"

David B.

Comments on Our Service

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"I just would like to express my thanks on cleaning and repairing my heavily damaged watch so quickly and at a reasonable cost. I appreciate it very much. Without hesitation, I will recommend your brand as a company that builds a fine product and stands behind it."

Paul K.

"Thank you for the excellent and prompt service in replacing a battery along with the cleaning and polishing. I am the proud owner of 6 Reactor watches. They are tough, keep great time and I am constantly getting compliments on the style. I am sure to tell everyone what great timepieces Reactor produces. The fantastic service just increases my loyalty. I look forward to owning many more."

Douglas C.

"I had to write to let you know that your attitude to customer service is outstanding! I cannot thank you enough for making my watch like new again and for doing it so quickly. Your response to my initial inquiry was amazingly caring in a way we no longer expect to get in big business these days. I am delighted to be wearing my pristine Critical Mass watch once more. Thank you thank you thank you! I will most certainly tell my friends."

Angela L.

"Thank you so much for your incredible customer service. My watch came back looking as good as the first day I put it on my wrist. I love this watch and the compliments it receives. Your efforts are much appreciated."

Ed K.

"Just wanted to take a few minutes and express my sincere gratitude for the professionalism in customer service that you've demonstrated. Although I did not have a receipt (the watch was a gift), you and your team ensured that the repair was timely (no pun intended) and free of charge. I gotta say, this level of quality and commitment to customer service is a rarity these days and truly a pleasant experience that I'll definitely share. I get compliments on my Trident all the time. Thanks for getting it back to me in perfect working order. And thanks to the Repairs Dept. for the attention to detail that I've come to expect. I look forward to buying my next watch from you guys. Next step: titanium!"

Jason M.

"I recently sent a Photon watch in to have a Movement replaced. Your service was "Exemplary"! You lived up to your reputation and your commitment to quick customer service! I don't believe I have ever had a watch company do such a quick, efficient job of fixing a watch and getting it back to me. You were "speedy". You are to be commended for living up to your promises ... and then some! You surely exceeded my expectations for quality customer service! Besides giving "good service" ... you make great watches!"

Richard M.

"A couple of weeks ago I send my reactor watch to you guys for repairs that was giving to me as a gift while I was in the hospital for seven weeks 3 years ago. On your repair form you ask for a credit card number and to mark a limit that your repair people could charge if needed to fix the watch. I marked up to $150. Less that two weeks later I received back the watch, working just fine AND at no charge from your company, even as you could have charge me up to $150 if you wanted to. Here is my complaint!!. Because of your honesty and great service, I am now comparing your company's treatment of your client to every other business I deal with. Most of them fall short!!."

Ed N.

"I want to take a moment to thank you for your prompt repair service. I depend on my watch's tide function heavily, as I am a fishing guide in Florida. I sent the watch overnight, you repaired/replaced it the same day you received it, and sent it out the same afternoon. The net down time was 3 days!!! Hard to beat that kind of service!!! I can't say enough about the watch functions, and service. What a great watch!!"

Capt. Marv S.

"What great service!!! My Critical Mass was dirty, had moisture inside and a weak battery. All the dirt and sweat from working outside over the hot summer had built up in the band. Also, I made the mistake of taking it to a local jeweler for a new battery which caused the moisture problem inside the case. (Lesson learned!) The watch was shipped back to Reactor on 10-12, and received back on 10-19, which includes a weekend! Now that's service! Plus, watch looks better than new, polished to perfection and running like a Reactor! Only problem is not having it on my wrist for a few days. I like and have gotten used to the weight and feel of the watch and even though I tried to wear my old titanium watch, it just didn't work. I need another Reactor! Christmas is just around the corner and, since I've been especially good this year, I know just what to ask from Mrs. Claus."

Al S.

"Just wanted to say thanks. I sent my watch off a little less than 2 weeks ago to get a new band and received it back yesterday. Judging from the time in transit from NC to CA and back, I'd bet you had it no more than 24-48 hours. New band looks great and the cleaning was a nice extra. I couldn't ask for better service."

Scott S.

"I just wanted to thank you for the continued EXCELLENT SERVICE. I mailed my watch to you on a Tuesday and received it the following Monday. Not only did you replace the broken band but replaced the battery and cleaned it as well.Thanks again. The Reactor watch is the BEST WATCH I have ever owned!"

Raquel W.

"I do not normally write to companies about their products or service primarily because most are average at best, but this is certainly not the case for Reactor Watch Co. I sent my Neutron watch in for a battery and new strap last Wednesday, 9/14 via USPS Priority mail, assuming you would receive it at the earliest on Friday the 16th. You literally can't imagine my shock when I received the watch back today 9/19 in completed, very well-presented condition. I have always used the standards set by the service departments of Montblanc Pens and Tourneau Watch as the quickest and most reliable, but they pale in comparison to your company. I would definitely purchase another of your watches because of the quality you produce and the exceptional service you provide."

Robert K.

"Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for fixing my watch and returning it so quickly! The 2-year warranty period was almost up when the silver border around the date/date dislodged. Not only was that piece reattached, but the battery was replaced and the entire watch polished and cleaned! Now THAT'S service! Thank you very much!!!"

Kathryn G.

"I really felt I needed to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help with my Fallout. Customer service is taken lightly by so many other companies, REACTOR is in a league by themselves because of their superior workmanship and caring attention to detail. I will be telling everyone about the exceptional quality and caring people at Reactor watches. If I ever find myself needing a new watch there would be no other choice."

Dave Z.

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