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  • Individually depth tested to 200 M / 660 ft.
  • Skeletonized dial for unique look
  • Triple o-ring screw down crown for superior water resistance
  • Secure screw bar case-to-band interface for superior strength
  • Free-floating lug system for a comfortable fit on any size wrist



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7 reviews for Einstein

  1. Rick Radocy

    I can imagine that each, and every watch has certain drawbacks. Please allow me to tell you, Reactor watces are the finest. They are heads and tails above anything else out there.

  2. John Gilliam

    I have a vast collection of Reactor watches and I love them all. Not only are they extremely functional, they are all unique in their own way…. rugged, stylish and all are a complete eye catcher. These are the best high-quality “Sport” watches out there for the money.

    I might want to add that Reactor is unequaled in Customer Service when a repair is needed. I broke a band (my fault not a design flaw) and shipped it to Reactor offices in California. They promptly fixed it and shipped it back and kept me in the loop thru the whole process…AMAZING! The warranty is very consumer friendly which is rare these days. Don’t wait…get a Reactor collection started for yourself.

  3. Horge C. Jorge

    I have the Einstein Navy, a purchase while on vacation in FL four months back.
    This is my second Reactor watch (after a Gryphon in Flat Dark Earth scheme) and it has been dead-nuts dependable.
    I had been concerned that the PVD coating on the bracelet might be scratch-sensitive, but it’s proven quite durable so far.

    It’s VERY eye-catching –I’ve gotten lots of compliments and questions about it– and is surprisingly very readable, in spite of all that that stuff going on with the dial. It’s also VERY comfy to wear. The deep-relief caseback seems to allow my skin to breathe better. Four months on, and it’s definitely edging out my (former go-to) Autavia for wrist-time.

    The chrono pushers give the perfect amount of resistance, and it’s always fun to watch the chrono hand do its thing on reset. One potential concern for users might lie in the bronze bezel: if you want to keep your watch looking brand-new, the alloy is nowhere near as tough as steel, It will show off dings and scrapes… but then of course, battle-scars and and patina possess their own very strong aesthetic value.

    This is a really solid chronograph.

  4. Fran

    My new FAVORITE watch ever! It is heavy, but I like the weight. I fell in love with the picture of the Battleworn Einstein and the real thing does not disappoint. I have only had it a few days now, but based on the longevity of my last favorite watch of all time (a 10+ year old Fallout that I just sent in for a new battery) I have no doubt that it will be my friend for many years to come. Thank you, Reactor, for making such an awesome way to tract time…even in this bizarre year of 2020! Counting down to 2021.

  5. Keith A Garland

    I have 5 citizen watches and now 2 Reactor which 1 is the Einstein Navy,TheEeinstien puts them all to shame ,It has also replaced my Brietling Hercules that says a lot about Reactor. Great watches Great company

  6. Keith A Garland

    I have 5 citizen watches and 2 Reactor 1 of which is the Einstein Navy, love the watch the Quality and Look is Outstanding, Also the Reactor has Replaced My Breitling Hercules. That says a lot about Reactor, Great Watch! Great Company!

  7. Keith A Garland

    I have 5 citizen watches and 2 ReaCTOR 1 of which is the Einstein Navy love the watch the Quality and look is ouystanding
    Also the Reactor has Replaced my Breitling Hercules.That says alot about Reactor Great Watch Great Company

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