Trident 2

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  • Individually depth tested to 200 M / 660 ft.
  • Unidirectional rotating timing bezel
  • Triple o-ring screw down crown for superior water resistance
  • Secure screw bar case-to-band interface for superior strength
  • Free-floating lug system for a comfortable fit on any size wrist



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4 reviews for Trident 2

  1. Richard Lee

    Super watch! Never Dark tech works better than advertised. I’m not easily impressed, Reactor rocks!!

  2. Michael

    Extremely accurate, appears very durable and fantastic lume.

    The Never Dark technology is the most prominent feature of this watch.

    The numerals and tips of the hands are filled with 12 layers of Super-LumiNova C3 – the brightest of the SuperLuminova offerings. Compared to my Phoibos PY007 divers watch – that apparently has 12 layers of Super-LumiNova BWG9, the Reactor watch is much brigher for several hours during the night, but after about 7 hours, the BWG9 remains brighter than the C3 compound.

    Not a problem, as the Reactor Tritium tubes will be the brightest, probably starting at around 3-4 hours after latest charge of the Super-LumiNova.

    The Lume of the Reactor watch is clearly the brightest I have ever seen on a watch – and with the added constant light from the Tritium tubes, this watch should cover any light level – including rapid switches from bright sunlight to darkness.

    The ‘Pip’ on the bezel gives a good reference, but I would like to see the numbers on the bezel as indents rather than protuding numbers – and filled with a dark contrast enhancing material. Numbers have little contrast and can be hard to read. Mostly relevant if you really do dive with the watch and needs to track time submerged.

    Accuracy is spot on – some 60 hours after setting the watch, the second hand is still 100% in sync with an atomic clock. No need for daily or weekly adjustments.

    Only slight issue I have – with my 59 year old eyes – is the size and font of the date wheel. Numbers like 6 & 8 can be hard to tell apart, especially if the is a bit of shade on the numbers. A slightly larger cut-out for the day-date would help a lot.

    Bracelet is comfortable and was fairly easy to adjust – but you do need the proper tools to size the watch – or pay a watch shop to do it you purchase online as I did.
    Wishlist for an updated model:

    – larger opening for the day-date complication.
    – visible second/minute marker lines on the clock face – but not too prominent. The faint lines on the rehaut are too hard to read.

    Finally packaging of the watch is nice with a storage ‘box’ having a second use as a soda/bear. Also received a nice, heavy Reactor ballpoint pen as a surprise gift with the shipment.

    I purchased my watch at the Reactorwatch Europe website.

  3. Bill B.

    I have had the Trident 2 , Navy / Gunmetal stainless steel strap.
    I cannot overstate how great this watch is.

    I am pretty particular about what I want in a good everyday watch:

    1. -Clear Arabic numerals – originally thought these numbers may be too large for the dial. Not so at all, they are so clear and easy to read, with glasses on or off so that I could not have gotten a better dial face. The size of the numerals fit the dial size perfectly – can tell time from almost any angle and quickly. (hands and numerals are an ivory color on the navy background, so a great scheme of color – along with the gunmetal band – great combination and no bling – just class and functionality.

    2. Good illumination throughout the night. During dusk and for several hours (about midnight) the hands and numerals are all lit and incredibly easy to read. The hands are lit the full length – excellent feature. From about midnight to dawn the primary numbers have illuminated strike marks – again very easy to read in the middle of the night due to the illumination of the marks but also the full illumination of the hands.

    3. The date is large enough and clear with glasses but not really for my eyes w/o glasses. Not a big deal, only at night would i not be wearing or close to my glasses.

    4. The band is outstanding . I thought a long time about whether to get a stainless steel, leather, nylon nato or rubber strap. I have almost always used leather for the last 50 years – as a few of the metal bands seem to grab skin, hair or just be too loose and not secure enough. Over the years I have fought forest fire, set chokers on a logging crew…built roads and bridges so the band has to be secure. This one is absolutely the best I have had – very much exceeded expectations. I bought online a tool for maybe 20 bucks that has a punch on one end and a small slotted screw driver on the other end – can easily remove or add a link with this and can also adjust the minor 1/8 inch or so adjustments without taking or adding a link. See link below.

    4. Waterproof Excellent.
    Crystal great has not even scratched yet in over a year and I have broken many over the years.


  4. Myron Holley

    this is the watch i’ve looked for my entire life. no stupid pins holding the strap on, and the band was easy to adjust myself with a small punch, gunsmithing block, and a rubber hammer. the lume is everything i could want. the bezel is not painted on numbers, which would fade and wear off over time; it is numbers machined into the bezel. band is legit beefy. large numbers painted on-my eyes don’t focus up close like they used to, so that is a HUGE plus…i can actually see these numbers.

    it breaks my heart to see that the owner is retiring, you guys have a fantastic product and it is VERY well thought out. i will be snatching another one up for my son’s (who is on active duty) birthday. and i may grab another one for my other son who is also on active duty; as i kind of feel guilty that i gave him a citizen promaster for his graduation instead of a reactor. while that is a nice watch, THIS watch is 10x what that one is. i really wish i had found this watch a year ago!

    i am a pretty particular guy, and it is rare that i find something that checks all the boxes for me. this definately did!

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