Building the world’s toughest watch is a good start, but Customer Service is where we really shine. From our best-in-the-industry warranty to 48-hour turnaround on repairs, nobody takes care of you like Reactor. Information about the most common service issues can be found below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just contact us.

What is Reactor’s warranty?

Our warranty is simple and straight forward: if anything goes wrong with your REACTOR watch in the first two years of ownership, we will either repair or replace it at our expense. Here’s the “not so small print” – normal wear and tear and abuse are not considered manufacturing defects and are not covered by our warranty. Normal wear and tear includes scratches to the metal, plating or crystal of the watch.

That’s it. A warranty you don’t need a law degree to understand. And after the warranty you get the same great service and same 48 hour turnaround, generally for $30 to $60, plus $10 return shipping via Priority Mail.

My Reactor watch has stopped. What now?

Most often, when a Reactor stops, it is because of a dead battery. Usually, any local watch repair will be able to replace this for you. If you prefer, Reactor offers this service for $30 (plus $10 for return shipping – covers up to 3 watches), which includes a steam cleaning. Just download this form and send your watch to us.

Where/how do I get my Reactor watch serviced?

Reactor has an extensive in-house service department and can handle virtually any repair you might need. Just download this form and ship your watch in to us. We handle 99% of all repairs within 48 hours of receipt and send your watch back to you via Priority Mail.

Where can I buy a replacement rubber band for my watch?

All of Reactor’s rubber straps can be ordered online by visiting the Reactor Outlet. If you have any questions about which strap to order, or you are trying to install a rubber strap on a watch not originally equipped with one, then please contact our parts dept. by calling 800-291-6600.

How do I order replacement parts for my Reactor watch?

Due to the technical nature of our product, we recommend sending any watches in needs of repair or parts be sent to us to ensure proper installation. If installation of the parts required will not compromise the integrity of the case, band, or movement, please contact us and we will provide ordering instructions.

I just bought my Reactor watch, and I need additional links. How do I get some?

All of our watches come with additional links located underneath the re-sealable magnet on the bottom of the watch can. If yours are missing, or if you need additional links, contact us and more links will be sent to you free of charge. Links should be installed by your dealer or a qualified watch technician.

Can I get an instruction booklet for my watch?

All of our watches should come with instructions, but if your’s have gone missing, our instruction booklets can be downloaded from this page.